Analisis Kesiapsiagaan Masyarakat Kota Padang Dalam Menghadapi Bencana Alam


  • Suprapto Statistisi Pusdatinmas BNPB


Knowledge, Preparedness, Education


Kota Padang is part of Indonesia that is prone to natural disasters. The frequency and impact of natural disasters has led to a need for an understanding of the vulnerability being increased. Capacity building through disaster mitigation and preparedness useful to reduce this impact. The community requires a high preparedness in order to reduce casualties and the impact caused by the disaster. Change the kesadaraan disaster into a permanent behavior change in individuals is one of the important issues that should be emphasized. Society requires a high preparedness in order to reduce casualties and impact from disasters. The society has knowledge on natural disasters but it has not been able to improve preparedness. This study used a survey with questionnaire tools that are distributed to 250 respondents. Ten selected villages spread over three districts West of Padang, Padang Utara and Nanggalo. Result of a research shows the category of society of Kota Padang in preparedness is not ready (17%), less prepared (30%), almost ready (27%), ready (22%) and very prepared (4%). Individuals who have prepared and very ready amounted to 26%. As much as 94% reponden know what it is natural disasters. Individuals who have knowledge of a disaster tend to follow excercise 7 times greater than that have no knowledge of disaster. The society does not follow the training due to their ignorance if there are training and improper implementation time. Education and experience of being affected the disaster have correlation to preparedness. The preparedness that is increasing can be done by changing people’s knowledge into behavior. This can be conducted intensively through formal education and continuously maintained local knowledge.