Penerapan Teknologi Modifikasi Cuaca (TMC) Untuk Mengatasi Kabut Asap Akibat Kebakaran Lahan dan Hutan di Provinsi Kalimantan Selatan Oktober 2012


  • Djazim Syaifullah


bencana asap, kebakaran lahan dan hutan, TMC


The implementation of Weather Modification Technologies to cope with the disaster and smoke from forest fires in South Kalimantan has been done on 10 to 28 October 2012. The operation was supported by 1 (one) unit of CASA 212-200 aircraft and has a flight seeding for 18 times. The weather was influenced by synoptic and local factors. The weak phase on El Nino was occure until the end October, the existence of tropical cyclone resulting in the difficulty of potential cloud formations in target area. During the activites, rainfall occured almost every day at various places in the province of South Kalimantan with varying intensity. At the end of the activity the air condition tend to start to improve and the visibilityhas already reached approximately 8 kilometres from morning until noon.