Perilaku Proteksi Diri Relawan SAR Terhadap Injury Pada Tanggap Bencana


  • Asmadi Dosen STIKes Kuningan dan Anggota Potensi SAR Kantor SAR Bandung Jawa Barat


SAR, disaster, self protection


The volunteers’ role of search and rescue (SAR) personnel in disaster response is very important. State of being prepared for SAR personnel in disaster response do not ignore to safety and health for their self. Volunteers or SAR personnel have high risk for injury as fall, strucking down, geting stabbed, hazards expose, communicable disease, psychological stress, and death.From based on high risk condition, volunteers have to caution and self protection during working in disaster response. Self protection is most important priority for every volunteers. This research used descriptive design. Samples were search and rescue personnelboard for disaster management Kuningan district as many as 47 peoples. Result in this research were 63,8% volunteers have not complete for self protection tools and 42,6% volunteers have good for protection behavior. The result of this study be able to become foundation for stakeholders to make policy in disaster management programe especially improvement for volunteers self protection skills.