Penanggulangan Bencana Demam Berdarah Dengue Dengan Cara Rela Ulang Bak Air Bangunan


  • Taufiq Ilham Maulana Universitas Gadjah Mada


dengue, fever, endemic, 3M, bath


Indonesia is a country in South-East Asia and Oceania. It is an archipelago comprising  approximately 17,504 islands, it has 497 regencies and cities, over 230 millions people. Lying  along the equator, in three tectonic plates are the Eurasian plate, the Indo-Australian plate and the Pacific plate, Indonesia has a tropical climate with wet and dry seasons, that make it has  overflow water resources. Plus people behaviour that less care about their environtmen’s hygiene,  that caused dangerous and deadly illness treat them. WHO stated that Indonesia is the  greatest Dengue Fever endemic in South-East Asia and in the world. With approximately 70% of it’s  region. Facing this phenomenon, Indonesia has to make a wise decicion. The governments together with people and stakeholders have done every single efforts to reduce this deadly discase by doing “3M” (Menguras=Drain, Menutup= Close, Mengubur=Bury). This campaign is very simple and flexible, but in fact, until now, Indonesia is still at the fist rank about dengue fever spread every year.  Drain the cistern tank, close the water resources, and bury cans into the ground, are on the list  to do. Doing them in the public places are easy because we can do them together. But the case is to do them in private places such our home with high fence and dog’s protection. We can’t do them together and only can be done by owners. One of the reasons of the appearance endemic is the wrong plans of making bath inside the buildings or houses