Analisis Bentuk Lahan (Landform) Untuk Penilaian Bahaya dan Resiko Longsor di Pulau Ternate Provinsi Maluku Uara


  • Ikqra Program Studi Ilmu Tanah Fakulas Pertanian Universitas Maluku


landform, landslide, hazard, risk


Ternate is volcanic island area around 250,85 Km2 and highest population density district than 9 other district in North Maluku Province around 688 people/Km2. Along population increasing in Ternate, also increased demand for residential land. Some efforts for fulfilling residential land with cutting forest area which has sloped around 30% - 45% .This condition can change landform and that very potentials for landslide hazard. The objective of this paper is produce landslide hazard map and risk assesment that will be usefull for landslide risk reduction in Ternate. Landslide hazard assess by some parameters are slope, landform, soil texture and land use, landslide risk assess by hazard and building vulnerability. Method used for landslide hazard is score and weighting the parameters. According analyses conducted, Ternate has domination by medium landslide hazard class with area around 3.015 ha or 30% from all of area and around 7.484 building in low risk, 470 in medium risk and 3 building in high risk.