Penyelesain Kredit Bermasalah Usaha Mikro Kecil dan Menengah Untuk Pemulihan Ekonomi Pasca Erupsi Merapi


  • Edmira Rivani Peneliti Ekonomi dan Kebijakan Publik Sektretariat Jenderal DPR RI


Non Performing Loan, Small and Medium Enterpises, T-Paired Test, Policy


The debtor who was affected by the disaster eruption of Mount Merapi is expected to have difficulty in paying off their obligations in accordance with the credit agreement. Some policies and provisions have been put in place to deal with that problem. This research is aimed to oversee if the handling of credit potentially problems carried out so it has been giving a result especially to recover economic activities among small and medium enterprises. Quantitative analysis technique of average difference with paired T-test was used to compare the condition of non-performing loans when occurring natural disasters eruption merapi eruptive merapi, with the condition after the disaster to make known whether there are influences from the policy goes into effect in tackling the problem Non Performing Loan of eruptions of Mount Merapi. The results show that some policies conducted by Bank Indonesia can still be applied to the case after the eruption of merapi is, at least in applicative evaluative policy Bank Indonesia was able to encourage economic recovery. Most of the decline in bad debt was also influenced by the persuasive efforts by banks and debtor that cooperative, while taking into account the conditions of the debtor (business to business).

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