Penggunaan Motor Trail di Bidang Kebencanaan

Studi Kasus :Trabatas Rescue Team


  • Tjetje Sudrajat, S.H. Koordinator Search and Rescue serta kebencanaan TRABAS
  • Fanny Gunawan, S.IP Anggota TRABAS


Mannual Preparation Using Trail Motorcycle, Disaster, TRABAS Rescue Team


Motorcycle is a two-wheeled vehicles, powered by an engine. Inline wheels and a motorcycle at high speeds is not inverted and remains stable due to the gyroscopic forces. The term Trail itself is a word derived from the uptake of English language with the meaning of a small road or trail.

While the Trail bike is a vehicle that is currently in great demand not only by the personal (hobby), corporate, and government agencies such as the Indonesian National Police, the National Search and Rescue, and other agencies, as a support function to be won title trail bike reliability and toughness of the motor is not only a hobby but has entered the realm of operational support to field work.

Trail Adventure Association Bandung (TRABAS) is an association or club that brings together lovers and fans of outdoor activities in the form of adventure (adventure) by using a two-wheeled motor vehicles. TRABAS established in the city of Bandung - West Java on 18 September 1995 and joined the Association of Motor Indonesia (IMI) board of West Java province with membership number 013.

The purpose of this study is try to describe and illustrate a special review of the use of the bike trail in the field of disaster is expected to be a valuable insight to the relevant parties both observers and implementers (especially for a trail motorcycle ) disaster areas in Indonesia.

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