Strategi Krisis Public Relations Pasca Bencana


  • Safari Hasan BPBD Tulungagung


management of crisis, public relations, strategic, disaster


Indonesia is a country that has the highest potential disasters in the world. Disaster response efforts have been made seriously by the government through legislation and regulations. One of the issues that are important, but less attention at the moment is the aftermath of crisis public relations strategy. Though the crisis public relations strategy has a considerable influence on the credibility and image of disaster management organizations and government in general. Strategy in dealing with the aftermath of crisis public relations is an integral part of disaster management organization’s strategic plan with the aim of providing the service to the public, maintain good relations with the public and maintain the image of the institution. The steps must taken in crisis public relations strategy consists of post-disaster: preparation activities, conduct briefings, prepared statement, prepare answers and implement media intermediary strategies, implementation phase by implementing multilevel communication strategy, prepare an alternative location for the public relations office and issued a statement in periodically.There should be periodic attempts to test the crisis public relations strategy by the relevant stakeholders and carry out evaluations for continuous improvement.

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