Kontestasi Pengetahuan dan Pemaknaan tentang Ancaman Bencana Alam

Studi Kasus Ancaman Bencana Gunung Merapi


  • Syamsul Maarif Kepala Badan Nasional Penanggulangan Bencana
  • Rudy Parmono Dosen Universitas Pertahanan Indonesia
  • Rilus A Kinseng Dosen Universitas Indonesia
  • Euis Sunarti Dosen IPB Bogor


local wisdom, contestation


A local community has its own knowledge and mechanism in order to cope environment surrounds for survival purposes. The knowledge and mechanism are known as local wisdom. In other hands, the knowledge and mechanisms developed the community will confront with knowledge and mechanism from other communities (outsiders). This will probably create contestation on the different knowledge and mechanisms between the local community and outsiders in order to respond phenomena.

In facing natural phenomena, in this case Mount Merapi, there was a contestation between the local community and outsiders. Moreover, the contestation itself occurred within the community around Mount Merapi. How the contestation occurred, who were involved, and what implications towards the process of disaster management are questions that will answered in this research.

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