Dana Sumbangan Masyarakat Untuk Pembangunan Ekonomi Pasca Bencana Merapi


  • Theresia Tuti Andayani Tribun Jogja, Regional Newspaper Kompas Media Group


merapi eruption, community fund, rehabilitation and reconstruction


Merapi eruption that occurred in October until November 2010 is still fresh in memory. The disaster claimed many local inhabitants as victims and many others had to be evacuated. Some parts within four districts i.e. Sleman, Klaten, Boyolali, and Magelang are prone areas because of the closed-distance to Merapi Volcano. At the moment, there is ongoing process of rehabilitation and reconstruction post disaster. The process will have taken within next two until three years. The eruption has caused damages and losses until trillion of rupiah, mostly in sectors of housings, infrastructures, economics, social,  and other cross-sectors.

Rehabilitation and reconstruction programs have been conducted in post disaster. Meanwhile several  various assistances have been distributed to beneficiaries. The assistances were donated by Indonesian National Disaster Management Agency, some ministries of Republic of Indonesia, and local, national and international community as well. In this article, a case of study is conducted in relation with disaster management of Merapi in District of Sleman, Province of D.I. Yogyakarta. The study is focused on tracking community funds donated from different organizations and institutions, and Indonesian communities as well.

The writer starts in explaining chronology of the Merapi eruption from the beginning to the recent  situation. It is started from Merapi Volcano with status of "NORMAL", "WASPADA", "AWAS", and then followed with erupting and vomiting hot lava.

Total loss on economical sector reaches Rp 1.068 trillion because of the eruption. Besides,  affected-area of Merapi covering National Park of Merapi Volcano is also damaged. Total loss of the damage of the park is around Rp 3.386 trillion. Meanwhile, total loss of infrastructure is Rp 4.965 billion. Moreover, the losses are also from social, housing, and other sectors.


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