Pengembangan Model Pemberdayaan Masyarakat Dalam Mempererat Keserasian Sosial yang Mendukung Integrasi Masyarakat

Studi Komparatif Resolusi Konflik Sosial di Kabupaten Subang- Jawa Barat dan Kabupaten Sambas - Kalimantan Barat


  • Tukino STKS Bandung
  • Diana Harding


social conflict, community development, social capital, peace awareness raising


The objective of this research is to obtain a real description of social harmony that supports social integration in Sub-district of Subang, Province of West Java and Sub-district of Sambas, Province of West Kalimantan. Communities in these sub-districts have experienced social conflict nuanced SARA (ethnic, religion, racial, inter-group) in the form of violence actions and disputes among the communities. Social conflict gives wide impacts on social disaster. This research gives a benefit on developing a model of community development in creating social harmony that supports integration process in the community. This research uses a qualitative method and applies phenomenology approach. Data collection is conducted by some techniques, i.e. in-depth interviews, observation and focus group discussion (FGD). Meanwhile research informants come from community leaders, both formal and non formal.

The result of the research indicates that social security based on social harmony of the community in Pamanukan, Sub-district of Subang, Province of West Java and the community in Sambas, West Kalimantan is weak. The model of community development as an effort to prevent re-occurrence of social conflicts that lead to social disaster can be
either “Increasing Awareness of Peace” (Peace Awareness Raising).

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