Peran Sekolah Dalam Pembelajaran Mitigasi Bencana


  • Siti Irene Astuti D Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta
  • Sudaryono S.U Univeristas Airlangga


mitigation, disaster, orid


Indonesia is a disaster-disturbed area. Even more disasters are continuously happened. Disaster education has o socialize immediately to the society in order to minimize disaster victims. Education and training on preventive disaster that focuses on Decreasing Disaster Risk is shared to teachers and student in order to grow the culture of nation fartified and community which able in facing disaster. It is correlated with nation commitment on Hyogo Framework for Action implementation in which education and training area covered inside. Disaster education is not well organized on learning process in school. Moreover, disaster education model has not developed yet effecitvenly, creative and enjoyable for student to build student's resilience potency.

The effective and creative disaster-learning model is developed by "integrated learning" apporach to minimize student's study load. The implementation od disaster education with "outbound" and "socio drama" management is to get pleasure situation during the learning process so that the student can achieve cognitive, affective, and psychometric consciousness in building resilience. This resilience is benefical in individual adaption process in facing many problems, especially when have adapted to traumatic event or disaster.

The result of the research concludes that by ORID approach (Objective, Reflective, Interpretative and Decision), student is knowledge abour PRB have nor optimal so that mitigation education is needed to be designed by school to build awareness of disaster among school society. By student's comprehension, disaster minigation educational learning model have designed through aoutbound activity that is facilitated by module. Disaster mitigation learning by outbound activity can give objective critical and proactive awarness on responding disaster through expertential learning approach that ake learning process becomes enjoyable and h result is it can build awareness of how important in building personal mitigation on each person is.

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