Model Kerentanan Kawasan Pantai, Studi Kasus di Kecaatan Jawai Selatan dan Jawai Kabupaten Sambas Kalimantan Barat


  • R.M Rustamaji Universitas Tanjungpura
  • Meddy Danial Universitas Tanjungpura
  • Eka Priadi Universitas Tanjungpura
  • Zulkarnaen Universitas Tanjungpura


coastal vulnerability index, recent condition and future model


West kalimantan has long coastline of about 982 km. Potential length of this beach should be maintained in order not to decrease due to abrasion. District of Jawai and Jawai Selatan is one of the coastal areas, which suffered severe erosion.

This study ains to propose a model the pattern of coastal vulnerability to current conditions and conditions in the future by using physical paramaters such as waves tides, bathymetry tides, land cover and sea level rise. This research is performed baes on satellite image map data that processed using the software ArcGIS 9.3, Erdas and Autocad. Shoreline changes were analyzed by the method of End Point Rate (EPR).

The results shows that, the length of the beach erosion from Jawai Selatan to SB Nilam is 3985.04 m (4 km) and the eroded area is 9557.547 m2. Sambas coastal areal in the districs Jawai Selatan Until the districs Jawai susceptible to the existing conditions (scenario 1). Vulnerability score on shoreline occupied criteria "High" where erasion is very strong and erasion rate on averange per year is about 6m. In the second scenario with tidal data 3 m, wave = 3 m, and sea level rise = 0,5 m obtained results of a vulnerabiliy index is generally dominated by the conditions of very high vulnerability. On along the coast, the criteria of vulnerability in dices changed to "very high". Sea level rise 0,5 m is predicted for the year 2050. In the third scenario with tindal data = 4 m, wave = 4 m, and an increase in sea level. 

1 m obtained results of a vulnerability index is generally dominated by the conditions of very high vulnerability. Sea level rise of 1 m was predicted for the year 2100. This scenario ains to detect coastal vulnerability in the future.

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