Karakteristik Bencana Gagal Teknologi di Indonesia


  • Sutopo Purwo Direktorat Pengurangan Resiko Bencana BNPB


disaster, technological failure, risks, fires, transportation, industry, dams


The threat of technological failure in Indonesia has increased over the years in line with the progress of development, the growing environmental destruction and the high population growth. Communities living in urban areas face greater risks of technological failures, both from their activities in using technology and its collateral impacts. The national policy on technological failure has not been developed comprehensively like policies and other hazards. As per definition, technological failure hazards may be coused by fires, failures in manufacturing/technology design and procedures, nuclear reactor elldowns, transport accidents, sabotage, dam breaches and collateral impact of natural hazards. Considering the magnitude and scope of technologial failure, there needs to be a strong analysis of the definition, anatomy and structure of technologigal hazards that are put in the specific context of Indonesia. One thing that also needs to be done is the development of metohods in calculating disaster risks. In general, disaster risk is considered as the function of hazard and vulnerability. However, for technological failure hazard it would be necessary to question the appropiateness of the approach, as it has specific characteristics, that involve at least 3 factors i.e : 1) the human factor (who uses technology). 2) technological factor (that is being used) and 3) the process and procedural factor (that is employed).

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