Bencana dan Penanggulangannya Tinjauan dari Aspek Sosiologis


  • Syamsul Badan Nasional Penanggulangan Bencana


disaster, disaster management


Condition of Indonesia is geographically located on the 3 plates of the Indo-Australian Plate, the Eurasian and Pacific plates. The three plates have resulted in frequent occurrence of earthquakes and tsunamis. On the other hand, a series of volcanoes that line the Sumatra to East Nusa Tenggara, Maluku abd Sulawesi, make Indonesia known as the Ring of Fire. Meanwhile, other disasters are like floods, droughts, forest fires, lightning and whirling wind is a form of natural vulnerability impact.

Natural or man-made disasters give eventually impacts on the community. Sociologically, the disaster disrupt people's life and livelihood or even charge the existing social capital in communities. As disaster strikes, a fear of distrust exists between survivors in society and the ability of the Governmetn in protecting its citizens. An understanding of the disaster must be holistic.i.e., analyzing all the interactions between actions that unplanned and unintended consequences. Meanwhile, the disaster management community has an active role with the existing social capital within the community.

Paragim of disaster management should be changed and stressed on some efforts in the prevition, iitigation and preparedness before the disaster. In addition, disaster management is not only the responsibility of goverments but also involvement of active role of other stakeholders such as communities and other development actors.

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