Kerangka Kerja Kesiapan Menghadapi Bencana


  • Lukmanul Hakim


disasters, flood, mitigation, preparedness


Bekasi city is became one of flood prone areas. Flood is causing harm and disrupt of community
activities. Bekasi government has sought to prevent flooding, but floods still occur in that area.
This study aimed to analyze the implementation of disaster preparedness of the Bekasi City
Government in handling flood. The study used a descriptive qualitative method by conducting
interviews with related stakeholders, document review and field observations. The results showed
that Bekasi government as a leading sector in disaster management has some mitigation activities,
like creating some polders and dikes, but these activities have not been effectively prevent and
reduce flooding. Bekasi government also has met most of the elements of disaster preparedness
by providing some facilities and infrastructure, “posko PBA”, coordination & information systems,
and response mechanisms. Suggestions for Bekasi City Government (1) uphold the rule of land
use, (2) to propose changes to the operational weir bekasi as regulators flood (3) Increasing the
normalization of rivers and drainage, (4) Increase the capacity of BPBD’s staff, (5) Preparation
risk map, (6) Completion of the Contingency Plan (Rekon), (7) Dissemination of SOP Disaster
Management, (8) Conduct training and rehearsals.