Efektivias Warung Kopi Sebagai Sarana Komunikasi dan Diseminasi Informasi Kebencanaan di Koa Banda Aceh


  • Ruzwar Wahyudi Analis Bencana Direktorat Tanggap Darurat, BNPB


Effectiveness, Coffee Shop, Communication, Information Dissemination, Disaster


Disaster events continue to emerge, anywhere and anytime. This caused a lot of damage, losses and casualties. Communication and dissemination of disaster information is one of the efforts made to reduce the impact, one of it is through a coffee shop in Banda Aceh. The purpose of this study was to analyze the communication and dissemination of disaster information in coffee shops to the people of Banda Aceh and the level of effectiveness of coffee shops as a means of communication and dissemination of disaster information to communities in Banda Aceh. This research was conducted with qualitative research methods and the data collection techniques through in-depth interviews, checklist sheets, questionnaires and documentation. Data processing used qualitative data processing technique, classification of questionnaire results and scoring of checklist sheets. The results showed that communication and dissemination of disaster information in coffee shops had been carried out through counseling, socialization, training, simulations, cooperation in disaster risk reduction, fundraising, and open public discussion with a fairly effective level of effectiveness, this was due to the ongoing good communication component communicator and communicant, there a need of improvement in communication media factors. Government need to push the efforts to realize fast, easy and equitable disaster information dissemination, it is necessary to have more intense and continuous coordination and cooperation between or across agencies and to use a variety of more interesting supporting creative media.