Analisis Kesiapsiagaan Manajemen Bencana Rumah Sakit di Kota Cilegon Tahun 2018


  • Syahri Choirrini Fakultas Kesehatan Masyarakat, Universitas Indonesia
  • Fatma Lestari Fakultas Kesehatan Masyarakat, Universitas Indonesia


Hospital Safety Index, hospital disaster management


Cilegon city is potentially high risk for having disasters. Hospitals as a community health service must know whether they have prepared or haven’t in order to deal with the impact of disasters in the future. This descriptive observational study aimed to analyze how the hospitals in Cilegon city facing the upcoming disasters within disaster management context using semi-quantitative method. Primary data was collected by utilizing modified Safe Hospital Checklist as a tool to interview each key person at 2 (two) choosen hospitals, they are Hospital X and Hospital Z. Data processing resulted “mean” for every component in hospital disaster management, then continued to classify them into 3 (three) categories, A (0,66-0,1), B (0,36-0,65), and C (0-0,35). The result shows both hospitals were A, Hospital X got 0,85 and Hospital Z got 0,67, which means their hospital disaster management have prepared enough to deal with some disasters. However, they still need to increase their disaster preparedness.