Penggunaan Inarisk Dalam Menentukan Titik Rekomendasi Lokasi Pemasangan Rambu Peringan di Lajur Sesar Cimandiri


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Cimandiri Fault, InaRISK, Disaster Sign


InaRisk is a web portal that can be accessed by the public to find out disaster-prone areas. One of the information that can be accessed through this web portal is fault lines in Indonesia. There are more than 295 active faults spread in Indonesia. According to InaRisk there is a fault line named Cimandiri Fault that starts from the southwest of Muara Cimandiri Pelabuhan Ratu in Sukabumi Regency to Padalarang in West Bandung Regency. The Cimandiri Fault is divided into 3 segments called Cimandiri Fault, Cimandiri Nyalindung Cibeber Fault, and Cimandiri Rajamandala Fault. The knowledge of the people who live and tourists around the Cimandiri fault line needs to be improved to reduce the risk of disasters in this area. Disaster-sign is one of the ways to socialize the location that is passed by a fault line. There are 14 road points or public places that established on the Cimandiri fault line, 33 road points or public places that built on the Cimandiri Nyalindung Cibeber fault line, and 38 road points or public places that built on Cimandiri Rajamandala fault. By looking at roads or public places that affected by fault lines, InaRisk can be used to determine the location where information signs will be installed. The disaster-sign serves to give information to the people who are around the Cimandiri fault. Increasing knowledge of society for disaster-prone areas is one way to increase community preparedness capacity