Manfaat Berugak Dalam Siuasi Darurat Bencana Alam Gempabumi di Pulai Lombok-Nusa Tenggara Barat


  • Aries Munandar Scholar, Praktisi dan Peneliti Dalam Bidang Ilmu Manajemen Penanggulangan Bencana
  • Deicy Silvia Direktur The Unspoken Ministry
  • J. Ronny Wenas Direktur Pathfinder Indonesia


Berugak, Berugaq, Earthquake, Lombok Earthquake, Lombok Local Culture, Lombok Local Wisdom, Emergency Situation, Disaster Emergency Response, Disaster Risk Reduction


During the earthquakes at Lombok Nusa Tenggara Barat Province in July and August 2018, all Berugak were used as shelters. This study was seeking to know how Berugak could be useful in emergency situation when earthquakes happened. This study was carrying out using a qualitative-descriptive method with the prime data collection using the combination of interview and participative observation by the researchers themselves. The research findings are: 1) Berugak could withstand the earthquake shocks due to the flexibility of its material and constructions, and 2) Disaster Emergency Situation broadened the functions of Berugak became: (a) shelter for the vulnerable people, (b) center of activities for family members, (c) safe place for the victims to get first aid treatment until further actions, (d) storage unit for family’s belongings that could be saved from the damages; and (e) volunteer activities post. The study recommends this local wisdom and culture are to be preserved by people in Lombok islands and to be replicated by the people from other places with high risk earthquake disaster.