Analisis Perbandingan Dampak Kejadian Bencana Hidrometeorologi dan Geologi di Indonesia Dilihat Dari Jumlah Korban (Studi : Data Kejadian Bencana Indonesia 2018)


  • Ainun Rosyida Statistisi BNPB
  • Ratih Nurmasari Statistisi BNPB
  • Suprapto Kasubbid Data Spasial BNPB


earthquake, hydrometeorology, geology, preparedness


Year 2018 is the year of disaster in Indonesia. Three major disaster occurred in close intervals. The earthquake of West Nusa Tenggara, The earthquake triggered tsunami and liquefaction in Central Sulawesi and The Tsunami of Sundanese Straits have given huge impacts on casualties and damages. Around 2,572 disasters in 2018 caused 4,814 people killed and missing, 21 thousand people injured and 300 houses damaged. Even though hydro-meteorological disaster is the most frequent disaster i.e. 96.8%, geological disaster is the biggest contributor for the impacts of casualties and damages in 2018. Efforts of mitigation and preparedness become steps to reduce the impact on disaster that occurs. The involvement of community leaders in disaster management activities that can eventually affect their attitudes and behavior during a disaster.