Gempa Bumi Sorong Tanggal 25 September 2015 dan Upaya Mitigasi


  • Supartoyo Surveyor Pemetaan Madya di PVMBG, Badan Geologi
  • Cecep Sulaiman Penyelidik Bumi Madya di PVMBG, Badan Geologi


Earthquake on September 25th, 2015, intensity scale of earthquake, peak ground acceleration


Eighteen months ago, on Friday of September 25th, 2015 at 24:53:28 am (local time), Sorong and it surrounding areas strike by a strong earthquake with a magnitude of 6,8 Richter Scale. These earthquake is followed by a series of aftershocks. Source of earthquake come from the activity of Manokwari thrust fault with strike of N 126o E and dip 36o. The Sorong earthquake on September 25th, 2015 has caused to disaster in Sorong City, Sorong and Raja Ampat Regency, which are 67 peoples were injured, some buildings collapsed and damaged. Based on field observations there was no tsunami deposits by this earthquake. This earthquake cause the peoples in Sorong city, Waisai city and coastal area of Sorong were panicked and anxious because announcement of the tsunami early warning. The strong earthquake shaking felt in Sorong and Sorong Regency. The maximum earthquake intensity scale felt in the city of Sorong and Sorong Regency of VI MMI (Modified Mercally Intensity) and in Waisai city of V MMI. Peak ground acceleration at the bedrock in Waisai city of 0.06 g, Aimas city of 0.15 g, and Sorong city of 0.19 g. To minimize the impact of the earthquake which may occur in the future, it is necessary to do mitigate earthquake in Sorong, Sorong and Raja Ampat