Sinergitas Sipil-Militer Untuk Mewujudkan Pemerintahan Yang Baik (Studi Kasus : Pelaksanaan Sinergitas Sipil-Militer Dalam Rangka Pembinaan Desa Tangguh Bencana di Kecamatan Selupu Rejang Kabupaten Rejang Lebong Provinsi Bengkulu Tahun 2010-2015)


  • Neni Yanji Aurora Universitas Pertahanan Indonesia
  • M.D La Ode Sekolah Tinggi Intelijen Negara
  • Yusnaldi Universitas Pertahanan Indonesia


Civil-miilitary synergy, disaster resilient village coaching


Volcano eruption Kaba danger is most at risk of natural disasters that threaten the safety of humans in Sumber Urip Selupu Rejang Subdistrict, Rejang Lebong Bengkulu Province. Based on PMI survey along GRC through consultation with village government agreed on community based disaster preparedness programme Sumber Urip obtain guidance from PMI and GRC. After the program ended, the construction was continued by BPBD’s Rejang Lebong, BPBD’S Bengkulu and BNPB. Confirming the status Sumber Urip Disaster Resilient Village. Fostering Disaster Resilient Village requires civil-military synergy. This thesis to see how synergy civil-military disaster Resilient Village in coaching and how community participation.The method used is a qualitative research method with a case study approach coaching Sumber Urip village disaster resilient. Data collection technique use in depth interviews, observations and documentationof the actors involved in the development of disaster resilient village. Data were analyzed using analysis of Miles Huberman, namely; data reduction, data presentation, and conclusion. Books, modules and internet materials used are secondary data sources.The results of this study execution of synergy civil-military training village resilient disasters has been going pretty well, based on indicators of coordination of vertical agencies with local government, system effective information management, institutional arrangements are effective, consultation affectively with key stakeholders, management logistic, and governance as well as on indicators of community participation.