Manajemen Evakuasi Difabel Untuk Bencana Erupsi Merapi (Studi pada Desa Tangguh Bencana Kepuh Harjo Cangkringan Sleman)


  • Alfianto Hanafiah Universitas Gadjah Mada


Disabilities, policy and management evacuation


Kepuharjo is a village in Disaster-Prone Regions III Merapi and people with disabilities are significantly more complex than the normal person. The purpose of this study to analyzed the inclusion of management evacuation strategies in the people with disabilities Kepuharjo Cangkringan village. Study collect primary data and secondary data. The sampling technique using census. The importance of people with disabilities participation in the management evacuation to assess and formulate a strategy of the evacuation in ccordance with the kind of and needs difabel. The needs of different in every people with disabilities requires treatment and policy evacuation also different so that it takes input and enggagment difabel directly to map the needs of them. People with disabilities significantly will benefit from the access managemen, help and the system evacuation so that will get the ability to improve their capacity in disaster risk reduction.