Evaluation The Effectiveness of Disaster Rapid Response Unit in Western Area of Indonesia


  • Jajat Suarjat Widyaiswara Ahli Pertama Pusdiklat PB BNPB


Rapid Response Unit, Disaster Management, Blueprint SRC PB, Effectiveness


Disaster Rapid Response Unit (SRC PB) was formed in 2009. As a guide to manage the units and operations in the field, then made blueprint SRC PB in 2010. Implementation SRC PB during 2010 to 2015 have not been evaluated for their overall effectiveness. So it is felt necessary to evaluate the implementation of SRC PB is in accordance with the blueprint as a guide that has been determined or even a blueprint that should be revised because it does not comply with the demands and needs on the ground. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the effectiveness of SRC PB especially in the western region after established. Then blueprint was made as a reference to run fast SRC PB in dealing with disasters. After Knowing blueprint’s obstacles and challenges, then exploration the stakeholder strategy to improve the effectiveness of SRC PB in the future. This study uses combination method (a combination of qualitative and quantitative methods). Qualitative methods using in-depth interviews, observations, review of documents, while quantitatively using a checklist and organizational effectiveness index. The result of this research is the effectiveness index of western region SRC PB that was compared between blueprint and the implementation index is equal to 0.358, meaning the effectiveness of the medium level. Thus require improvement action in the short term. The effectiveness of SRC PB adequate, but the purpose and functions of SRC PB in disaster response still potential failure.