Analisis Sebaran Banjir Berdasarkan Skenario Periode Ulang Debit (Studi Kasus : Sub Das Citarum Hilir)


  • Rinanda Putri Cahyanti Departemen Geofisika dan Meteorologi, Institut Pertanian Bogor
  • I Putu Santikayasa Departemen Geofisika dan Meteorologi, Institut Pertanian Bogor


Flood Modelling, HEC-RAS, Flood Inundation, Citarum Subbasin


The lower Citarum subbasin is a flood prone area. Small land slope causes a lot of stagnant water flow. The subbasin is dominated by agricultural land, so that inundation area affect crop yields and productivity. The objectives of this research are to evaluate the inundation floodplain area and evaluate the flood area both rice field and residential land covers. The inundation area is evaluating using HEC-RAS hydrological model to calculate water surface profile. The result showed that highest inudation area is located in the Karawang district about 40% of the total area. Furthermore, the inundation areas are expected to increase about 22%, 126% and 196%, in the scenarios of return period of the 5, 25 and 100 years, respectively. The highest inundation of agriculture area is at Karawang subdistrict or about 58% of the total area, and Telukjambe subdistrict of the residential area or about 42% of the total area. It can be concluded that hydrological model is able to use as a tool for assessing the flood in the area.