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Enhancing Dam Safety and Public Protection through InaSAFEBased Emergency Action Plan and Contingency Planning

BNPB - Organizational Body

Indonesia’s exposure to multiple hazards has the potential to impose significant economic and financial costs. During major disaster years the costs associated with natural disasters can reach 0.3 percent of national GDP and as high as 45 percent of GDP at the provincial level. Following the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami, the government allocated more than US$7 billion for reconstruction in Aceh and Nias and approximately US$2 billion following the 2010 Mount Merapi volcanic eruption.
With increasing urbanization and the need to secure water resources for productive purposes, dam safety is one of a number of emerging hazards in Indonesia. The Government’s experience with the failure of the Situ Gintung Dam in 2009 and that of the Way Ela Natural Dam in 2013 have re-enforced the importance of proper planning and the need for continuous improvement and innovation in disaster preparedness, along with inter-governmental coordination.
A dam safety workshop organized by the World Bank and the Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery in Tokyo, April 2017, bought together a range of practitioners from across East Asia to explore the legal and institutional frameworks, along with the tools available, for improving planning and emergency preparedness. One of the key conclusions was recognition of the need to increase awareness and action on dam safety in Indonesia.


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